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I’ve had a great month on the reading front. Below are impressionistic, highly opinionated, reviews and/or responses to what I’ve read.  White Nights (1848) in The Best Short Stories of Fydor Dostoevsky (2001), translated by David Magarshack “It was a lovely night, one of those nights, dear reader, which can only happen when you areContinue reading “September.”

Before I Read: ‘As I Lay Dying’… Again. 

Last weekend I published a post before reading William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying and then, over that weekend, I read it. I reached the punchline of the novel late on Sunday, with Monday morning fast approaching. I was, like a trampoline on a stormy night, blown away.  Without reservation, I can say As IContinue reading “Before I Read: ‘As I Lay Dying’… Again. “

Before I Read: ‘As I Lay Dying’

As I Lay Dying    William Faulkner  “The death and burial of Addie Bundren is told by members of her family, as they cart the coffin to Jefferson, Mississippi, to bury her among her people. And as the intense desires, fears and rivalries of the family are revealed in the vernacular of the Deep South, FaulknerContinue reading “Before I Read: ‘As I Lay Dying’”

Yesterday #11 (May 19, 2022) 

Contents: The Return of the King (Book 5, Chapters 1–3) – when being hated is a good thing – my favourite word – My Heart is a Chainsaw (Chapters 7–8) – two nations separated by a common language – a major minor complaint.  The Return of the King (Book 5, Chapters 1–3)  Six days afterContinue reading “Yesterday #11 (May 19, 2022) “

Yesterday #9  (May 16 & 17, 2022) 

CONTENTS: Stephen Graham Jones’ My Heart is a Chainsaw (Chapters 1–6) – memories of Halloween 1978 – horror and history – free indirect speech – a proposed title change for Jane Austen’s Persuasion My Heart is a Chainsaw is not my usual read, so why did I start reading it? Well, I’ve seen the bookContinue reading “Yesterday #9  (May 16 & 17, 2022) “

Yesterday #7 (May 13, 2022) 

The Two Towers (Book 4, Chapters 8–10)  On this day, Friday the 13th – ten days ago as I write – I finished the second part of Lord of the Rings. On May 17, I was congratulated during a job interview for getting that far: the interviewer had studied literature at university but had neverContinue reading “Yesterday #7 (May 13, 2022) “

Yesterday #6 (May 12, 2022)

Contents: Tolkien’s The Two Towers (Book 4, Chapters 4–7) – Coca-Cola vs. Dentists? The Two Towers In these chapters the hobbits, Sam and Frodo, continue seeking an entrance to Mordor with Gollum’s “help”; they meet and befriend Men of Gondor, including Faramir, brother of Richard Sharpe; lastly, they come to a crossroads which, since literal,Continue reading “Yesterday #6 (May 12, 2022)”