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I’ve Jumped Ship!

After a few months of thought and touring the many options for writing online I’ve decided to give Substack a try. I’ve accepted, and internalised, what I said previously about new beginnings being illusory – so, rather than pick up there and pretend I never existed here, I’m here telling and inviting you to check…

Looking Back, Moving On.

What is that Mark’s reading?  At the moment, basically nothing. I am in a sort of transitional phase.  Incipit Vita Nova, Dante once wrote. Things have changed for me and, for a while now, I have been hoping to realise those words. That’s not easy though. New lives don’t really exist, what’s past is what’s…

The Food of Love

In years past I have eagerly awaited Spotify Wrapped. This year it was not on my mind at all because I have not used the platform much – I did, though, get 3 months free premium with my new phone. So I did use it then. But Wrapped wasn’t on my mind until God’s Poison…

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